Single-Man Mobile Fall Prot. Cart with Steel Weights

Single-Man Mobile Fall Prot. Cart with Steel Weights

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Cart with Six (6) 90lb. Steel Weights
GAR 301028
Cart with Ten (10) 57lb. Steel Weights
GAR 301090
Cart Transporter with 4in x 8in Air Tires
GAR 301074
Cart Transporter with 4in x 8in Flatfree Tires
GAR 301091
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Item # SKU 301028
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(1) Fall Protection Cart

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This innovative product provides fall arrest for one worker and fall restraint for one worker on a variety of substrates. No substrate penetration is required and the cart follows the workers as they move around the jobsite

Features & Benefits

  • Built-Up Roofing Systems
  • PVC/TPO/EPDM Adhered Membranes
  • Metal Decks 20ga. - 22 ga
  • Adhered Plywood - Hardboard Decking
  • Adhered ISO/EPS Insulation Board
  • 4000 psi Lightweight Concrete
  • Available Colors


    What's Included

  • (1) Fall Protection Cart
  • Manufacturer

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