Comfo & Ultra Respirator Cartridges

Comfo & Ultra Respirator Cartridges

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GMA Organic Vapor
MSA 464031
GMC Organic Vapor/Acid Gas
MSA 464046
GME Multigas
MSA 492790
Mersorb P100
MSA 815185
GMA P100
MSA 815178
GMC P100
MSA 815180
GME P100
MSA 815182
MSA 815175
N95 Prefilter
MSA 816662
R95 Prefilter
MSA 816287
N95 Reusable Cover
MSA 489353
R95 Reusable Cover
MSA 489219
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Item # SKU 464031
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(1) Pack of Cartridges

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The complete line of Comfo Cartridges protects against a wide variety of contaminants. Filter cartridges protect against dusts, particles and mists. Chemical Cartridges protect against gases and vapors. Combination cartridges deliver protecton from both particulate and gaseous contaminants. Designed for easy installation, Comfo Cartridges thread directly to the cartridge recepticles on Comfo and other twin-cartidges respirators. All cartridges are interchangeable and are color-coded to indicate the type of protection offered. Most cartridges are incinerable.

What's Included

  • (6) Cartridges (Mersorb, GMA P100, GMC P100, GME P100)
  • (10) Cartridges (GMA Organic, GMC Organic, GME Multigas, P100, N95 Prefilter)
  • (20) Cartridges (R95 Prefilter)
  • (1) Prefilter Cover (N95 Cover, R95 Cover)
  • Applications

    Asbestos Abatement, Chemical, Construction, Electric Utility, Hazardous Materials, Mining, Nuclear, Oil and Gas, Paper & Pulp, Sanding & Grinding, Spray Painting, Welding


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