MSA HAZMATCAD® Hazardous Material Chemical Agent Detectors

MSA HAZMATCAD® Hazardous Material Chemical Agent Detectors

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Nerve & Blister Agents
MSA 10055094
Nerve, Blister Agents, Hydrogen Cyanide
MSA 10055095
Nerve, Blister Agents & Phosgene
MSA 10055096
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The HAZMATCAD Hazardous Material Chemical Agent Detector is a handheld instrument that detects and classifies Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs). When compared to other technologies, the HAZMATCAD Detector offers more capabilities and greater reliability at a lower cost.

The HAZMATCAD Detector has demonstrated superior selectivity for nerve and blister agents, and often outperforms other portable instruments. It combines a Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) array detector with innovative sample collector and advanced signal processing algorithms to minimize false alarms in unpredictable environments. Additionally, the instrument can be configured to detect phosgene (CG) or hydrogen cyanide (AC), thereby expanding its threat detection capabilities.

Features & Benefits

  • Compact, lightweight, and portable
  • Self-diagnostic check during rapid warm-up
  • Alphanumeric display with LED alarms
  • Dual-Mode SAW operation - Fast or High sensitivity
  • Run time of 8-12 hours on rechargeable li-ion batteries
  • Vapor-diffusion check source verifies system performance
  • Unit can be hand-carried or worn on belt
  • RS-232 and IrDA communication ports; stores up to 8 hours of data
  • Inlet design protects against dust and particulates
  • What's Included

  • HAZMATCAD Detector
  • Battery charger
  • Belt clip
  • Two Sony rechargeable batteries
  • Hard, water-resistant carrying case
  • Operating manual
  • Vapor check source
  • Applications

    Chemical, Domestic Preparedness, Fire Fighting, Gas Detection, General Industry, Hazardous Materials



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