Confined Space & Rescue

Having the right confined space safety equipment can mean the difference between life and death. Areas with restricted means of entry and/or exit are dangerous and require very specific safety precautions including training, ventilation and PPE. Workers risk breathing in dangerous gases, explosions, falls and entrapment hazards every time they enter a confined space.

Do your workers have the equipment they need to stay safe?

Equipment such as ventilation and blowers help to maintain high-quality breathable air and clear out dangerous gases or vapors from an area. Without proper ventilation, workers’ health and productivity suffer.

Gas monitor kits help you monitor various occupational gases to determine air conditions in confined spaces. Detecting gas concentration levels before entering an area allows you the opportunity to outfit your workers in the right safety gear.

Even the best laid plans aren’t foolproof. In the event of an accident, you’ll want rescue and retrieval equipment to help get your workers back to safety.

Empire Safety & Supply can help you find the confined space safety equipment you need for the difficult and dangerous work you do.  Shop from a wide selection of best-in-class products from Air Systems, 3M™/DBI SALA/Protecta, MSA, Allegro, BW Technologies, and more!

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