Gas Detection

If workers are exposed to confined spaces or hazardous atmospheres on the job site, it’s the employer’s responsibility to protect them. This includes continuous monitoring for the presence of toxic, asphyxiating or combustible gases or vapors such as oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide and more. Industries like oil and gas, water and waste treatment plants, mining, and construction can be home to countless hazardous gases and vapors. That’s why detection is key.

To protect your crew from hazardous atmospheres there are several different types of gas detection monitors you can choose from — single gas, multi-gas, personal, portable and fixed. You can also combine multiple individual units for a network of protection. Just remember, it’s important to conduct a thorough hazard assessment to determine the specific needs for your worksite. Be sure to use sampling devices to measure the concentration of known gases and vapors in order to choose the right devices.

Bump testing should be performed before starting work every day to make sure a challenge gas triggers the monitor to work properly. Calibration helps determine that the monitor not only works, but is also accurately reading the gases it’s designed to measure. Gas detectors can degrade over time, that’s why calibration and bump testing should be a regular part of your care and maintenance program.

You can protect workers and your facility by having a proper gas detection program in your facility or on remote work sites.  Empire Safety & Supply can help you find the right gas detection products you need. Browse from a selection of products from top names like MSA, RKI Instruments, BW Technologies/ Honeywell and more.

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