Showers & Eyewashes

Every day, 2,000 workers sustain eye injuries at work. Occupational hazards like hazardous or toxic materials are a part of the job, but working around dangerous materials can be an accident waiting to happen. If an employee’s skin or eyes come in contact with caustic, toxic or corrosive materials, it can cause serious injury or even death.

In case of exposure, a worker must have immediate access to an emergency station to rinse or flush the material. Emergency stations must be placed within 55 feet (10 seconds) of the hazard and contain enough flushing fluid to deliver a continuous flow for 15 minutes. Is your work site prepared?

Empire Safety & Supply has a full array of emergency eyewash, showers, portable eyewashes, laboratory and decontamination units to meet your specific work site’s needs. Choose from top-rated brands like Haws®, Encon®, Guardian and more. 

Make sure your work site is ready with emergency eyewash and shower stations for fast, appropriate and effective treatment. 

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