Stormwater Management

No matter the time of year, stormwater management is a vital part of keeping facilities safe and efficient. Rain, snow and moisture not only have an impact on safety and productivity, they also create runoff. Runoff across buildings, rooftops, parking lots, loading zones and roadways carry pollutants directly to the sewer system, soil or bodies of water. When contaminants find their way into our water source it can lead to major health risks, equalling big trouble for the environment and your wallet.

Drain seals, drain berms and drain guards are a few options you can use to protect runoff from reaching soil and waterways. They can capture dirt and sediment before they become a problem. Other options you can use to protect drains, seal off grates and control erosion include booms, spill fences, de-watering bags, debris screens, grate guard and self-bailers.  

You can protect the environment and your facility by having a good stormwater pollution prevention plan.  Empire Safety & Supply can help you find the right stormwater management products you need. Browse from a selection of products from top names like Ultratech International and PSI Polyurethanes.

  • Drain Seals & Guards
  • Berms
  • Grate Guards
  • Curb & Basin Guards
  • Erosion Control