Head & Face Protection

In industries where there is increased chance of injury from falls or falling objects, such as in construction, oil, gas and mining, the risk of head and face injuries are significant. That’s why employers should take every precaution to provide workers with appropriate head and face protection anytime they are working in areas with the potential for falling or flying objects or where they could be exposed to chemical splash.

Hard hats can protect the head from serious injury from impact with falling objects, debris, rain and, in some cases, electric shock. Bump caps can be used in situations that workers may be exposed to minor head bumps and lacerations, but they are not intended for protection from falling or flying objects. Faceshields can also be used to provide protection against flying debris or chemical splash, but should be used in conjunction with safety eyewear.

If you have questions about the head and face protection your workers need, just ask. Empire Safety & Supply carries a variety of head and face protection solutions to meet every occupational need including welding helmets, headgear, visors, hoods and other accessories.

Empire Safety & Supply can help you choose the specific PPE for the work-related hazards you and your workers face. Choose from a wide selection of top-rated head and face protection solutions from names like Fibre-Metal, MSA, Bullard®and more.

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