Working on your feet all day with dangerous occupational hazards requires comfortable and protective footwear that lasts. Your workers need the right protection or risk being one of 60,000 foot injuries that happen every year. Foot injuries from cuts, sprains, inclimate conditions, chemical exposure and electricity happen every day costing employers an average of $9,600 per injury!

The only way to avoid worker injury and the costs associated is to provide the right foot protection.

From steel toe boots and HAZMAT rated footwear to hip boots and waders, choosing the right footwear isn’t always easy. Every job is different and comes with it’s own set of safety requirements. Whether you need to protect from punctures or looking to prevent slip and falls, there’s a boot to meet your needs.

Work boots should not only protect, but be comfortable as well. The more comfortable a pair of boots are, the more likely they will be worn. Plus, choosing the right footwear can cut down down on worker fatigue and back pain.

With big names like Lacrosse, Tingley, Norcross, Onguard and many more, you’ll be sure to find the fit you’re looking for. Empire Safety & Supply can help you choose the right material, protective factor and price point for your safety boot needs.

  • Steel/Safety Toe
  • Plain Toe
  • HazMat
  • Hip Boots & Waders